Monstera deliciosa


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Philodendron pertusum, Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa) is native to Central and South America. Its large green leaves develop their characteristic wide slits and holes to help the plant withstand jungle downpours and strong winds.

Monstera plant care is relatively low maintenance.


Bright light with plenty of shade is best. Direct sunlight will damage the leaves and not enough light can slow growth down.

Between watering times allow the soil to dry to the touch within the 1 – 2 inches.

The plant needs warm interior temperatures of at least 18 – 27ºC. Lower than 18Cº will slow down the plant’s growth and below 10ºC will stop growth.

It needs moderately moist soil. Soil that drains well is necessary.

Average to high room humidity. You will need to increase the humidity of a normal room. Misting the leaves is helpful.


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