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Madagascar Jewel, Euphorbia leuconeura: Native to the dark forests of Madagascar, this is a shade loving Euphorbia that self seeds freely. Grows to about 4 – 6 feet tall. It propagates by shooting its seeds several feet into the air. It has a very distinct shape and growth pattern.


This is a shade loving Euphorbia. Prefers partial sun/ partial shade

Soil that drains water easily.

Drought tolerant, water sparingly. When leaves are droopy, it is an indication to water the plant.

1 review for Madagascar Jewel

  1. D. Smith

    We’ve had one of these plants in our house for over three years now after receiving it as a gift from a friend. It was a small, 2-inch seedling when we got it and now is about 24 inches tall with a 1.25 inch diameter center stem. It’s proven very hardy and seems to like indirect sunlight. The seeds fly all over the place from time to time, but they really aren’t a problem. One thing you do need to do is brace the plant up because it gets quite top heavy and has a relatively small ball of roots to hold it up. The small root system does reduce the need to transplant it to larger containers, but you do need a container big enough to allow for the support you use to hold the plant up as it gets taller. Most people are fascinated by it and the seedlings make good gifts for friends and relatives. Now, after finally learning what the plant is actually called (we always called it a seed spitter), we are a bit concerned about the toxic sap it produces if injured. We’ll warn the folks we’ve given them to and take precautions to make sure no people or critters come in contact with the milky sap. Other than that, the Madagascar Jewel seems to be a great house plant. They may get fairly large, but the growth rate in our home seems to be about 8 inches per year and it hasn’t branched out from the single center stem.

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