070712llivingstonesreproducL. aucampiae cv. Storm's Snowcap DBinata Codariocalyx_motorius2 IMG_20140721_170324D regiaPurposeful Plants specializes in functional indoor plants. Plants that are good for air quality.             [button link=”http://qontentqreation.com/emmaplants/?page_id=50″ bg_color=”#055df5″ border=”#055df5″]Contact Us[/button]

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  1. Where are you located. I am interested in the string of hearts plant, however I am in Ontario Canada. Do you ship here? What is the shipping costs?

    1. Located in Ottawa but an online business that ships throughout Canada. At the moment we are not shipping because of the weather. We have fixed prices for shipping depending on the size of the order. Please look at our site for shipping rates. Thank you for your interest in our products.

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